Learnings from Take Two Influences

The group critique opened my eyes to how others see and interpret.  A big wake up.

For most of my working life logic has ruled.  Now in my third age, I need to draw on the right side of the brain.  The mind is something I want to explore in my work during the next 3 years, so, unable to sleep, now seems like a good time to explore how best to support this new way of seeing.

Accessing Creativity

We are all born creative, but with some it fails to be used to its potential.

Some simple ideas that got lost on the way:


Follow your breath.

Spend an hour in silence listening to your thoughts, record what comes up.

Create a soft focus.  This will temporarily set aside the ego. Dive into the gap and let your heart follow.

Find humour in everything.

Write Morning Pages.

Nurture your creative relationship with yourself.

Look at the task as a 6 year old.

Look from all angles, what shapes, patterns, thoughts emerge?  Roam inside, where do you go?

Close your eyes to work / use left hand / use music / work upside down / empathise materials with subject – (thank you group for your suggestions)

Watch What the Beep DVD.

Think of someone your respect.  How would they do it?

15 Steps to Enhance Creativity

1  Consider what serves/doesnt serve creative objective.

2  Clarity of intention is so important.  Stay focused on this point on the horizon.

3  Intuitively change response patterns.

4  Learn to harness ego.  Seek to create something for another person that the ego considers impossible.  Allow intuition             to guide.

5  Surrender to the flow of energy that is manifesting what you intend to create.

6  Make a searching and fearless inventory and evaluation of choices related to creative effort.  Understand why these                 choices.are made.

7  Explain to another how you failed to follow your intuition, denying the truth available to you.

8  Allow yourself to transform shortcoming and obstacles by looking to see how they have been an asset in accessing and           releasing your unlimited creativity, while doing what is necessary to manifest intuition.

9  List people and organisations you look to for guidance.  Make amends for what you thought about them.  Act on intuition           and follow the direction it suggests to travel.

10  Create a single point focus and monitor progress.  Learn to feel what thought, words, deeds and memories serve or dont         serve.

11  Through meditation, study, experimenting seek to improve and expand understanding and conscious contact with this               creative power, within and without.

12  Find someone to help you hold that focus.

13  Actively live your truth.  Its only by sharing your experiences and these principles that you create that world in wich you             create what you deserve.

14  Love yourself, love another as yourself.  Creat space within to allow self and others to find and embrace creative power.           By doing so you give yourself the same gift.

15  Live true to yourself, allow others to do the same.

Lessons Learned to quote politicians and corporates 

I am on a journey, I am focused, I am supported.  Relate as a child. EXPERIMENT. This is fun!

Take time to write morning pages, do yoga, meditate and walk.  The rest will follow.

Further Reading

Your Creative Brain – Shelley Carson

Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind – Guy Claxton

At The Left Brain, Turn Right – Anthony Meindl

A Whole New Mind – Daniel H Pink

Author: susanmilleruk

Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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