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Galleries – Rene Gimpel of Gimpel Fils suggests:

Checkout the gallery’s programme for the year.

Type of visitor.

The relationship has to be one of trust.

Care has to be taken with a contract and specific research needs to    be undertaken at the appropriate time.

Peer Mentoring – Critique

How to set up a group, how to run it, what to expect, how to control the format, time, contribution.  A critique helps to establish what you are learning about your process and practice.  It is a discursive undertaking which supports the artist to make the better art that they are seeking to make.

In summary, there is so much information on this site, I have only tentatively scratched the surface.  What is it has done though is alert me to the support, opportunities, facilities and wealth of information that is available.  I have subscribed to their newsletter for both the latest information and also as a reminder to regularly visit the site to expand my knowledge base.


Comprehensive details of all the current and up and coming exhibitions by location.  Invaluable.  Again I have subscribed.

Axis Web is an online resource for artists and art professionals.  Membership costs £28.50 a year, provides a showcase to promote work and access to national and international opportunities, together with gallery visibility.

Arts Council England

AN The Artists Information Company provides resources and services for artists, from insurance to short, practical practice courses.


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Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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