Week 21 – Artist Practice


Their Current Projects ‘How to be an Artist’ series gives an insight into differing aspects of the supporting activities of being an artist.  Laura Fowle looks at ‘the balancing act of self promotion’, focusing on her web site and the use of Instagram.  My web site http://www.susanmiller.org.uk, designed by my son, Jon Barmby at www.storehouseagency.com works really well, but it is her suggestion, illustrated by the artist Tanya Ling,  that Instagram is used as a ‘teaser’ to draw in followers that I need to explore.

My son’s friend the Brighton illustrator Lloyd Stratton, uses the resource in a similar way, releasing works in progress to showcase his beautiful pointillist work.  He now has over 3000 followers who regularly purchase his limited runs.

I currently use Instagram for family photos, but with my dual identity I will make this a task for March.  This is proving harder than first thought.  Instagram doesnt seem to allow multiple accounts, that is one copy per device. Um?

Georgia Gendall considers identity and resilience after art college and the importance of a support group once the reassuring blanket of art college is withdrawn.  She is part of the Lifeboat initiative offered by UAL out of which emerged CaW, which ‘explores the proposition that fine art practice per se is a model for resilience (psychologically, socially and culturally). ‘

The Video Trade Secrets 9 stresses the importance of a web presence, but also the idea of collaboration.  I shall let that idea incubate for a while to see if it leads anywhere or nowhere.


Author: susanmilleruk

Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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