Talking to Me

I am just back from a life drawing class where Marie-Louise is trying to mess with my head.  The last few weeks we have been drawing from different perspectives, looking up, and from the side we cannot see.  I was facing the model, who was leaning against a chair.  I was interested in what her muscles would be doing in such a pose.  This wasn’t about creating a polished drawing, but equipping ourselves with the tools to produce work we could ‘experience’ but not necessarily see at the time.  The attention to relationships, to emotional mark making, to the minutiae, the way that Giacometti approached his painting.


A friend sent me details of a Canadian painter he has been looking at, Andrew Salgado.

Andrew Salgado, Reds, oil on canvas with spray, 180 x 190 cm, 2014

The video gets inside the artist’s head and helps unpack where he is coming from, the raw emotion, the angst.  Interestingly, he works from a photo, but appears to paint from his soul.

Local artist Robert Sample, is coming from a similar contemporary space.

Cave Arm

The power to move.  This is exactly where I am coming from.

Interestingly Salgado’s recent work appears to be moving in a more whimsical direction, which I have little connection with.


Painting isn’t easy.  You have to dig deep, then deeper still.  Accepting this allows me to move forward and embrace the pain and everything else that comes with it.

Author: susanmilleruk

Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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