Residency: Q & A

The Blue Monkey Network at the Towner in Eastbourne is a group of professional/semi professional artists who meet monthly to discuss art. I was interested to hear their experiences of undertaking a residency to understand what else I could be doing or how I could approach this opportunity from a different perspective.

Only one of the artists had relevant experience, which I found really surprising.

Judith, who runs the network, introduced me and I presented a slide show of the Chapel, to enable the group to appreciate the location. I then briefly introduced my work, from work selected for the Royal Institute, through to work I am currently producing from my Residency.

The slide show is available to view, but it wasn’t possible to record the event.

Releasing the Feminine watercolour on paper 58 x 78cms

Father, Son.. watercolour on paper 58 x 78cms

It was suggested that immersion in the building for a prolonged period, say one or two weeks, could produce a different perspective. This wouldn’t have been possible earlier in the year as the cold has prevented spells of longer than 3 hours, but as the weather improves and my diary clears this is a definite possibility.

I am mindful that the building is listed and fragile. I am conscious that I have been afforded privileged access and wish to respect this. Suggestions to paint on site, pin work to the walls, scrape off the decay, leave work around, stay overnight etc, are, for me, impractical and disrespectful to the building. Where an intervention is non-intrusive, and may lead to further revelation, such as leaving paper to absorb the salt in the atmosphere to see what happens, or introducing objects/reintroducing work into the space, is certainly a possibility.

Author: susanmilleruk

Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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