What’s happened to my Parachute?

Family photos, by their very nature, usually involve people.  I am not a figurative painter, so the work for the exhibition is like sky diving without the instructions for the parachute.

My strength lies in mood and emotion, not faces, hands and feet.  What is frustrating is that even when I do capture ‘that look’, my rational mind realises that it is the wrong place and has to be moved, not easy in watercolour.

Paintings 6-11 in the Family series are all at the ‘face’ stage.  A challenging day ahead.

Sisters, watercolour on paper 76x56cms

Kitty and Girls, watercolour on paper 76x56cms

Grandfather and Girls, watercolour on paper 76x56cms

At the Seaside, watercolour on paper 76x56cms

At the Inlaws, watercolour on paper 76x56cms

Final Day, watercolour on paper 76x56cms