Residency Day 13

More reflection, this time accompanied by John Tavener’s music.  This week I was determined to study the damaged Jesus sculpture in detail.

The legs have been damaged by the leaking roof, but the result is more emotional than perfect legs would be.3E2E1823-4424-42E9-86B3-C7021D6E3F1F

Charcoal on paper 65 x 50cms


Charcoal on paper 65 x 50 cms

Below, Charcoal on paper 45 x 120 cms.


Residency Day 12

Over the last couple of weeks I have been viewing the work of Bill Viola, first at the RA, where his video installations of life and death are presented alongside some exquisite Michelangelo chalk drawings, and then at St Paul’s Cathedral.  His works are particularly spiritual and I wanted to see how he approached the subject of suffering.  There is an excellent iMagine programme about his work on iPlayer.

I have also been to Dublin as part of the Ulysses reading group, and had the unexpected pleasure of some time in the National Gallery, and in particular in the Jack Yeats room.  I was aware of his work, but seeing in the flesh, I found his work emotional and very moving, particularly the later work.  One of the subjects he often painted was suffering, and I will be returning to his work to explore how he approached this subject.

I spent the first hour of my visit to the Chapel this time, considering the subject of suffering and how I could possibly create a site specific piece that would address this subject.  I would like to create something, possibly involving fabric, that evokes the suffering that Cornelia Connelly endured for her God.  The chain in the centre of the Chapel would be a perfect location.

Whilst considering the possibilities, the reflection of sunlight caught my attention.  Below are some of the beautiful images that were brought to life by the stream of light through the stain glass.

For me these images are the essence of the Chapel, the colours, the shapes, the representation of light.