Tread Softly

Throughout the Autumn I have been exploring abstract figurative images on paper, effectively a sketchbook in loose pages.  The aim was to find a way of incorporating my exploratory drawing work into paint.  I am still a long way from achieving this, but I am pleased with the outcome so far.  The works are all 20x20cms.

I now need to live with the work for a while before deciding what to do next with this project.  I would like to explore more expressive mark making from the drawings, and maybe use theses images as the basis for larger works, but for now I am content that the figurative work is feeding through to the painting in an unconscious way, after all that was the basis of my exploration during the MA.

Alongside the smaller works I have been battling with a larger work on canvas, revisiting again and again over many months, finally resolving after suggestions from our new crit group, set up to support such a situation.


Tread Softly  watercolour on canvas 100×100 cms

Details from the work.

The work evolved from a visit to Nunhead cemetery on an icy January day.  The visit was preparation for a print course to be run at my son in law’s studio.  The peace and observation gave time for reflection.  The snowdrops offered fresh hope that the year would be different.

Nunhead Cemetry (2)

I am now working on a second large image to follow on from this work.  This series is about hopes, dreams, realisation, acceptance or otherwise.  I have little idea how this work will develop but I know it will be emotionally charged.