Week 7

Chuck Close

Big Think YouTube:  Advice to Artists During a Crisis

‘There is no better time to make paintings than when everyone thinks it is dead.’  Crisis is a determinant of who keeps working and who falls by the way side.

Learn Something New

To expand the Reason brainset.  I know nothing about philosophy.

Stephen Fry

Big Think: The Importance of Unbelief

The beauty and simplicity of Kant, the tiniest elegant observation spins out this immensely complex thing that makes you rethink everything. The intellectual rigour and quest of logic takes hard work.  Live as if there is no after life.   To quote Kipling ‘If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run.’

YouTube: Three Minute Philosophy

Immanuel Kant 1724-1804 German


Universality-if everyone was doing it at the same time would it still be OK?

End rather than a means to an end,  Never lie, ever.  Only responsible for your own actions.

Absolute moral authority of the entire universe.

Rene Descartes 1596-1650 French

Father of modern philosophy.

X/Y axis cartesian co-ordinates.


Methodological sceptisism.  Table of certainties.

Everything you think you know is composed of varying levels of belief.

He existed.  I think therefore I am.

Ontological argument.  The definition of say ‘God’ presupposes the existence of God.

Cartesian dualism.  Regular matter and non-material of mind and spirit.

Aristotle 380bc

Ethics/ science / literary theory / political theory / rhetoric / theology / medicine

Formal logic.  Sylloggism, determine based on previously known facts.

Incidental feature / essential feature.

Every statement is true or false.

Four causes – Matter, Form, Source or Efficient Cause, Final Cause.

eg a clock – Matter is metal/plastic, Form is the shape, Source is the clock maker, Final Cause is telling the time.

Pythagoras of Samos pre Christ

Mathematics.  Pythagoras’ theory. Square numbers.  Base 10.

Hardly an expert but at least their chronology and their beliefs.


Rachel Goodyear

rachel goodyear - two magpies

Two Magpies

Interview Artists 2010 – At Leeds she studied sculpture and installation.  It wasnt until two years after graduating that she realised that drawing could be her practice.  She is inspired by natural history, ‘the harmonious relationships and parasitic relationships, destructive as well.’  ‘Also to tap into human superstitions, human fears and desires.’

She is very prolific, creating maybe thousands of drawings.

nature notes - groomingNature notes- Grooming

Her interviewer asks ‘So it’s not just looking, it’s feeling the tensions of living.’  She replied ‘Yes, they can be the minutest frustration to the biggest issue.  I think I move through the world with quite a discerning eye, like always rummaging around in the undergrowth.  This is my delivery of what I experience, but also what I observe as well.’

Andy Warhol -Tate Liverpool

Jonathan Jones of the Guardian, clearly a fan before the visit, loved the whole experience, for experience it seems to have been.  Remaining members of the Velvet Underground, the band Warhol managed, played, whilst the walls sang with iconic Warhol images.  http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/nov/06/sp-transmitting-andy-warhol-review-tate-liverpool?CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2

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Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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