Reflexive Practitioner

I spent much time this week reviewing VL1 and researching the people mentioned in the video.  I spent a lot of time writing up the points raised to ensure that I am fully understanding .

Laborious and slow but I feel essential for me, at this stage.

Contemporary Art by Julian Stallabrass

I have nearly completed this book.  It may be a very short introduction, but it is a very dry read.

For someone aspiring to develop their work for a wider stage, I found the contemporary art market, as described, far removed from the world where artists really care about what they are creating.

It is evident that the contemporary art market, at this level, is a commodity, a global brand, but without the regulations that stock and commodity markets benefit from.  A game, where it is in all the players interests to keep the stakes unaffordably high.

13 Oct

I have now finished the book.  I will need to reread and I have decided to Mindmap the book as a means of making sense of what I am reading and to give me a framework to visualise.

I have just started Stories of Art by James Elkins.  I wish I had read this first.  I wouldnt have felt that Stallabrass’s book was the absolute truth and quite so daunting.




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Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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