Contemporary History  – Julian Stallabrass

Stories of Art – James Elkins

Visual Methodologies – Gillian Rose

Your Creative Brain – Shelley Carson

A Philosophical Enquiry – Edmund Burke

Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers – Leonard Koren

Art as a Social System – Niklas Luhmann

Art as Therapy – Alain de Botton

Interviews – Artists V2 Recordings 2010

Living, Thinking, Looking – Siri Hustvedt

Drawing and Painting People, A Fresh Approach – Emily Ball

The Occult Power of Numbers – W Wynn Westcott

Art in Modern Cultures, An Anthology of Critical Texts – edited by Francis Franscina and Jonathan Harris

Richard Diebenkorn The Berkley Years 1953-1966

The Enchanted River Two Hundred Years of the Royal Watercolour Society – Simon Fenwick

Art Speak – Robert Atkins

Kandinsky – Ulrike Becks-Malorny

Susan Sontag on Photography

Interpreting Matisse and Picasso – Elizabeth Cowling

Art Today – Heartney

The Natural Way to Draw – Nicolaides

Ways of Looking – Ossian Ward

Man and His Symbols – Carl G Jung

Coaching the Artist Within – Eric Maisel

The Element – Ken Robinson Ph D

Art & Instinct – Roy Oxlade

Author: susanmilleruk

Watercolour painter living, working and loving Hastings and St Leonards on Sea. MA in Fine Art.

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